Understanding Phonology (Understanding Language) by Carlos Gussenhoven

By Carlos Gussenhoven

This article offers a wide but up to date creation to phonology. Assuming no earlier wisdom of phonology or linguistic conception, the authors introduce the elemental strategies and construct on those steadily, discussing the most theories and illustrating key issues with conscientiously selected examples. The booklet covers a variety of phenomena, together with speech construction, segmental contrasts, tone, volume, prosodic constitution, metrical kinfolk, and intonation, in addition to such key theories as function geometry and Optimality thought. during this new version the authors have revised and up to date the textual content of the unique in mild of modern learn and due to clients' reviews.

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Most words that end in 7 ‫ יים‬and denote a manufactured item, such as: ‫מכנסיים‬, ‫ מספריים‬. W ant to see if you've understood the chapter? C irc le the noun w h o se g e n d e r is d iffe re n t from the other tw o. ‫ ו‬8 ‫ גדר‬,‫ חצר‬,‫ מקום‬. ( ‫ גיטרה‬. ( ‫ קיבוץ‬. f( ) f. m( 16. 15 25 We are referring here to words usually learned by students at the intermediate level of Hebrew language study. 33 2 How Are Nouns Made Plural? Preview ‫ ״‬The plural endings ‫ים‬: and ‫ו ת‬• Adding ‫י ם‬:/‫ו ת‬-: What happens to the end o f the singular form?

19 II. Nouns / 1. The Gender of Nouns 1. ) girl ‫ספרייה‬ ‫־‬ ‫עגבנייה‬ ‫לחמנייה‬ ‫עוגייה‬ library tomato roll cookie ‫סוציולוגיה‬ ‫פילוסופיה‬ ‫היסטוריה‬ ‫לןפטךיה‬ sociology philosophy histoiy cafeteria T T ‫־‬ T * ! T : T T T T‫ ־‬T ! ‫־‬ : T ‫ ־‬T T ! T ! T : ‫־‬ ! ‫־־‬ ! ‫־‬ Q: What do they all have in common? A: They all end in ‫( ;ה‬-ah), including those that end in ‫ייה‬: (-ee-YA) and ‫יה‬- (-yet). This, indeed, is one sign of a feminine noun, since almost all words ending in ‫ ; ה‬are feminine.

6 T T ‫־‬ ‫ שחורה‬/ ‫שחור‬ ‫מודרני‬ ‫צבא‬. 3 ‫ אמריקנית‬/ ‫אמריקני‬ ‫ מבטא‬. 1 2. Final ‫ ת‬- (-t) Now look at the endings o f the following: ‫ ר ת‬1‫ס‬ ‫מ‬ T tradition ‫ת‬ ‫צ ל ח ת‬ ‫ת‬ plate 6 ‫טלית‬ ‫אנגלית‬ tallit (tallis) English ‫ע ב ר י ת‬ Hebrew ‫ס ב ל נ ו ת‬ T ! ') ‫א ו‬ ‫מ‬ ‫ב‬ health ‫ח מ ו ת‬ T mother-in-law 4 5 6 ‫מ ח ב ר‬ ‫ש פ ע‬ ‫ס ט ו ד נ ט י ת‬ ‫ת‬ ‫ת‬ . 5 sister For example: ‫ אצבע ־ורוע צלע צפרדע קרקע‬. All of these words are feminine. " pp. 126-130. In Modem Hebrew, the word ‫ טלית‬is feminine (we say: ‫ טלית גדולה‬,‫) טלית לבנה‬.

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