The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Breckenridge Carnegie

By Dale Breckenridge Carnegie

Education in public conversing isn't really a question of externals--primarily; it isn't an issue of imitation--fundamentally; it isn't an issue of conformity to standards--at all. Public talking is public utterance, public issuance, of the guy himself; accordingly the very first thing either in time and in value is that the guy may be and imagine and think issues which are priceless of being given forth. until there be anything of price inside, no methods of teaching can ever make of the talker something greater than a machine--albeit a hugely perfected machine--for the supply of alternative men's items. So self-development is prime in our plan. [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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The laws that enable us to operate an automobile, produce moving-pictures, or music on the Victrola, would have worked just as well then as they do today. It was ignorance of law that for ages deprived humanity of our modern conveniences. Many speakers still use ox-cart methods in their speech instead of employing automobile or overland-express methods. They are ignorant of laws that make for efficiency in speaking. Just to the extent that you regard and use the laws that we are about to examine and learn how to use will you have efficiency and force in your speaking; and just to the extent that you disregard them will your speaking be feeble and ineffective.

He is WHITE" than it would be by hearing you assert merely that your horse is white? In the second sentence of the statement there is only one important word —choice. It is the one word that positively defines the quality of the subject being discussed, and the author of those lines desired to bring it out emphatically, as he has shown by contrasting it with another idea. These lines, then, would read like this: "DESTINY is NOT a matter of CHANCE. " Now read this over, striking the words in capitals with a great deal of force.

From "Pass Prosperity Around," by Albert J. Beveridge, before the Chicago National Convention of the Progressive Party. Strongly emphasizing a single word has a tendency to suggest its antithesis. Notice how the meaning changes by merely putting the emphasis on different words in the following sentence. The parenthetical expressions would really not be needed to supplement the emphatic words.

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