Ancient Knowledge by Mr George E Curtis

By Mr George E Curtis

Astronomical wisdom derived from the floor plan of Stonehenge, which has major implications for the historical past of humanity. confirmed with arithmetic this booklet describes actual historical wisdom that conflicts with glossy technological know-how yet upholds the Biblical tale of Genesis.

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I say that it is not at all likely that the scribe was engaging in complex philosophical reasoning, he was just writing down what he believed. The simplest and best answer to the plurality problem is to say that the scribe believed there were a group of Mighty Ones. ” Would you assume I was talking to myself about myself? No, if I talk to you, I am talking to another person. When we talk to other people we are talking in much the same way as God is reported to be talking. The religious pundits also explain how the scribe can quote God when there were no humans around to hear Him, by claiming that the words were by direct inspiration.

That means that God dictated and the scribe wrote down what he said, much like a modern secretary. It is more reasonable to say that the scribe wrote down what his people believed, and invented quotes from God as a shorthand way of explaining things. The other passage I mentioned, where the Almighty Infinite Spirit Creator of the universe skinned animals and sewed the skins into clothing, is usually ignored by one and all, so has no explanation. * If this were a fictional treasure hunt, the opening scene would be deep underground in the bowels of the Earth, in a tunnel beneath an old and long-lost Cambodian temple.

Chapter 3 Stonehenge - The same as Babel?. Chapter 4 Order in the Orbits Chapter 5 Of Gods and Men – general discussion. Chapter 6 Cargo Cult – general discussion Chapter 7 The Unction of Sanctity – general Part Two - Technical chapters Chapter 8 Of Pegs and String - Technical details Chapter 9 Sticks, Stones and Space-Technical Chapter 10 A New Heaven -Technical details Part Three - Science implications Chapter 11 The Hard Facts of the Matter – review Chapter 12 Such a Little Change – Carbon dates Part Four - Religion Chapter 13 The Grand Plan – Smoke and Mirrors Chapter 14 The Culmination – the Kingdom Chapter 15 A Horror of Great Darkness THE END Appendix 1 - ‘In unto’ as a sexual euphemism Appendix 2 - Conventional Mathematics Note, all page numbers left in refer to the print version.

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