Ancient Germanic Warriors: Warrior Styles from Trajan's by Michael P. Speidel

By Michael P. Speidel

Featuring a number of proof for those various kinds, from Roman artwork to early medieval bracteate amulets, and from classical texts to Beowulf, the Edda and Icelandic sagas, Professor Speidel the following info seventeen diversified Germanic warriors types, together with berserks, wolf-warriors, club-wielders, long-hairs, ghost warriors and horse-stabbers, and the way they point out an unbroken continuity of customs, ideals and battle-field strategies. historical Germanic warriors performed a decisive function in historic occasions from 2 hundred BC, whilst Germanic tradition first turned identifiable, to advert one thousand while Christianity swept throughout the Nordic international locations. bobbing up from ideals and states of brain, various warrior kinds manifested themselves in adjustments of gown, weaponry and scuffling with strategy. absolutely illustrated with over fifty pictures, this bright and engaging survey provides a colorful new measurement to our figuring out of the background of Europe.

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It killed more men with its paw than any five of the king’s champions did. ” When someone summoned Bothvar Bjarki to the fight, the bear vanished—it had been Bjarki in changed shape. 32 Like Bothvar Bjarki, bears fight not in packs but alone. ” Bjarki as a bear fought in an ecstacy that gave him more-than-human strength and made him wound-proof. The bear-warriors’ ecstatic style, like that of Bjarki, may explain why by the thirteenth century the word “berserk” had come to denote every kind of mad, fearless fighter.

92 Like Alamannic and Bavarian wolf-warriors, Norse úlfheðnar were Woden’s men, hence whoever joined a wolf-band became not a mere wolf but a mythical being, reliving the time when the gods walked on earth. 93 The eighth-century Old English poem Deor speaks of Heodeningas, and the Widsith has Heoden ruling Glomman (Barkers). Heodeningas or Hiadnings were thus dog- and wolf-warriors who followed Heoden, the king in a dog- or wolf-hood. In his thirteenthcentury Prose-Edda, Snorri Sturluson refers to great warriors as Hiadnings, who until the Wolves 29 end of the world fight daily, while each night Hilde brings the dead to life again.

18 Bear-warriors in the early Middle Ages Compared to wolf-warriors, there is less pictorial evidence for bear-warriors in the early Middle Ages, but there are bear-warrior tales. When in AD 497 or slightly thereafter, King Clovis of the Franks and his followers became Christians, wolf- and bearwarriordom among the Franks was stifled, for these fighting styles were bound up with Woden worship. The more they were Christianized, the more Franks had to forgo the religious aspects of animal-warrior styles.

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