Ancient folk-literature from North-Eastern Tibet: by F. W. Thomas

By F. W. Thomas

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3. 4. 5. 29 after consonants, in which case its absence can always be regarded as phonetical (e. g. in mans = man, 'many', 'great'), suggest that the phenomenon was a survival the-s- forms whether identical with the -s of Verb-forms or different, having been frequent in early times. In normal Tibetan analogous-s- forms after vowels are in some instances familiar, e. g. , res, 'turn', 'time', yus, 'plea', ris, 'drawing', rtsis, 'count', rtsas 'harvest', nes, 'evil', 'offence', sras, 'offspring'; and often a Verbal origin is clear.

Pun IV 38 pud IV 134 pul IA 128, VI 73 piwIV181 po IV 47, 143, 156 ponIVb6, 113 pwa IV 292, 297 (phwa 293) pya IV 47, 87 etc. pyag IV 125, 218, etc. 2. in posterior member of compound: -ka IB 44, VI 97 -cab IV 272 -cu IB 28 -pan, -pans IV 106, 152, 154—5 etc. -pun IA 56, VI 27 -pyag IV 311 3. , IV 17, 19, 81, etc. pyir IV 196 pyug IV 18, 69, 110 pyedlY 21^ pyod IA 40 pra IA 30, IV 246 pran IV 331 tsa IV 25, 315, 320 tson VI 2 Verbs tew IV 276, 350 tons VI 105 /wi IV 43 pub IV 168 pog IV 205 /wte IA 110 pyun IA 112 pz/e IV 36, 39 pyod IV 279 tsom IV 189 IV 221—2 -pyi IA 56 -pyir IV 17, 19, etc.

It will be noted that the Verbal s occurs regularly also with the Suffix -na, where there is no question of a sna, and also with other Suffixes. Compendious writing with -de is instanced in kho(d)-de IB 6, bcade IV 285, and -de for -te in brnal-de IB 37, Lton-de IB 74, thalde III 19, htsalde IV 224. The same is seen in dbru-le = dbrul-le IB 6, and smra-le = smral-le IA 14, smral-la IV 205, and the reverse in Nam Nal-lde = °de. Linguistic Introduction: Sandhi-modifications of Particles and Suffixes 27 (b) Suffixes 1.

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