Ancient Egyptians: People of the Pyramids by Rosalie F. Baker

By Rosalie F. Baker

The final word who is who of historic Egypt, Ancient Egyptians is a fascinating examine the traditional international via its very important leaders. incorporated are biographies of: * The very good Imhotep, who set the traditional for pyramid-building * Nefertiti, the well known attractiveness * Khufu, the builder of the good Pyramid * Hatshepsut, a lady pharaoh who defied culture and referred to as herself ''king'' * Tutankhamun, whose tomb unveiled wonderful riches * Rameses the nice, the final majestic king of old Egypt * Ptahhotep, the good philosopher and statesman for King Izezi Ancient Egyptians finds how Egyptian society used to be developed, its religions, burial rituals, structure, and the heritage and practices of archaeology that experience introduced all this data to gentle.

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The nobles were well aware of this change in the balance of power and wealth, and although they still paid homage to the king, they began attending more openly to their own concerns. They also began to think that nonroyals might enjoy a limited form of existence within the walls of their tombs. Thus, instead of hoping for a burial site near the royal pyramid, many officials now located their tombs closer to their nome. An energetic and forceful ruler, Pepi must have sensed this eroding of the king's power.

Ancient Egyptian Literature: A Book of Readings, vol. 1, pp. 23-27. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1973. C. Some Egyptologists believe Narmer was the name of the king responsible for the unification. Many think that Narmer and Menes are the same person, hence the name Narmer-Menes that is sometimes used. C. Greek historian Herodotus wrote that Narmer-Menes banked up the Nile River at the junction of Lower and Upper Egypt just south of where he planned to build his future capital and royal residence.

Harkhuf did so, but when he arrived in the region, he learned that the local ruler had recently advanced his troops against the neighboring Tjemeh. Determined that his expedition would be a success, Harkhuf immediately set out to find and aid the local ruler, even though this meant entering unknown and perhaps even hostile territory. Although the inscription does not provide a detailed explanation of Harkhuf's campaign, it does note that he was successful and returned to Egypt with 300 pack donkeys laden with incense, ebony, heknu oil, grain, panther skins, elephant tusks, throwing sticks, and other valuable trade items.

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