Ancient Celts (Barbarians!) by Kathryn Hinds

By Kathryn Hinds

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He defeated them in a fierce battle in 57 BCE, then headed west to subdue the other outlying tribes. This way he had central Gaul encircled, cutting it off from outside supplies and assistance. The Celtic tribes were unable to overcome their differences and unite against Caesar, and by the end of 56 BCE all of Gaul was his. He was starting to enjoy the prestige and riches he’d sought—in fact, during [ 50 000000000000000000000000000000 ancient celts ] his years in Gaul he acquired so much gold that its price on the Roman market dropped by one-sixth.

And that the swords with which they were furnished . . could only give one downward cut with any effect, but that after this the edges got so turned and the blade so bent, that unless they had time to straighten them with their foot against the ground, they could not deliver a second blow. . The Romans closed with them, and rendered them quite helpless, by preventing them from raising their hands to strike with their swords, which is their peculiar and only stroke, because their blade has no point.

There are Web sites in all the Celtic languages, including versions of Wikipedia in Welsh, Irish, Manx, and Scottish Gaelic.

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