Ancient Building in South Syria and Palestine by G. R. H Wright

By G. R. H Wright

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Thus in its buildings can be recognised palaces and places of public assembly, fortifications and barracks, temples etc: in a word public works of all sorts. By the end of the preceding "Chalcolithic" period, ca 3000 BC, such a world was well established in Mesopotamia and during the currency of the Early Bronze Age, ca 3000-2200 BC, a pattern of heavily girdled and well built-up sites appeared in Palestine incorporating large public buildings. This development was based on the pre-existing experience in Mesopotamia and affected by contacts with Egypt.

Dov Nir, Geomorphologie d'Israel, Paris 1975. G. E. Post, Flora of Syria and Palestine I & II, Beirut 1932-33. P. Mouterde, Nouvelle Flore du Liban et de La Syrie 1-11, Beirut 1966-70. H. & A. Moldenke, Plants of the Bible, New York 1952. 3! ) Khirbet el Umbachi (Ombashi) I 73 290 320 165 292 I24 CHAPTER TWO SOCIO-HISTORICAL BACKGROUND The region an apparent world centre of earliest stages rif matz's building activities covering emergence from cave dwelling and establishment of sedentary life in huts ( ca w,ooo-7ooo BC).

These letters give a vivid picture of the socio-political structure of Palestine and Syria. This structure is formed on the City State, which is thus the animating spirit of the greater part of Palestinian and Syrian building. And from the 49,50 nature of these city states, the affinity with the Greek world is made manifest. The material aspect is to this effect. Each walled city stood more or less centrally surrounded by a tract of rural territory sufficient to provide for its economic necessities of existence.

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