Always I Am Caesar by W. Jeffrey Tatum

By W. Jeffrey Tatum

By way of studying his army and political occupation, domestic existence and relationships with ladies, continually i'm Caesar presents a bright portrait of Caesar’s lifestyles and the days of historical Rome in the course of its transition from republic to empire.

  • Provides a richer portrait of Caesar’s existence through viewing him from a number of standpoint and referring to him to broader Roman society
  • Explores features of Caesar’s occupation in cultural and social phrases
  • Engaging and witty sort will attract normal readers

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One example is Gaius Asinius 15 always i am caesar Pollio. Pollio fought alongside Caesar in the civil war, supported Mark Antony after Caesar’s assassination and rose to become consul in 40 bc. In the subsequent year he celebrated a triumph, after which he retired from politics and devoted himself to literary pursuits, becoming a distinguished historian and poet. In his youth he knew Catullus, and in his senior years he was well acquainted with Horace and Virgil (he appears in the poetry of each).

But the race remained close, and it was viewed by Caesar as decisive for his future. ” He won. It was a sensational outcome and a striking demonstration of the depth of Caesar’s personal popularity with Roman voters (Fig. 7). 35 always i am caesar Figure 7 Obverse of a denarius of 44 bc representing Caesar as Pontifex Maximus and as Parens Patriae (Father of his Country). British Museum, London, England. Photo: ©The Trustees of the British Museum. Caesar’s family was at once removed to the official residency of the high priest, the Domus Publica or People’s House, located in the forum, near the Regia (the formal offices of the pontifex maximus), and the Atrium of Vesta, the home of the Vestal Virgins – in sum, the religious and political center of the city.

He was Rome’s first metrosexual. Or maybe not. It was rumored that, while in the court of Nicomedes, Caesar had entered into more than backroom negotiations with this eastern and Greekified monarch. And then there were the women. The man was already notorious as an adulterer. And he lived with this sort of abuse for the whole of his career. Years later, for instance, when Caesar had become a powerful politician, one wit once referred to Pompey as the king of Rome and Caesar as its queen. ” Whatever the reason for Caesar’s standing for such a trifling public office as military tribune, joining the ranks of desperate men on the make, it remains all too clear that Caesar was not yet a terrific hit with the Roman public.

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