A Young Man’s Benefit: The Independent Order of Odd Fellows by George Emery, Herbert Emery

By George Emery, Herbert Emery

Using cliometric equipment and documents from six grand-lodge files, a tender Man's gain rejects the traditional knowledge approximately pleasant societies and ailment coverage, arguing that IOOF resorts have been financially sound associations, have been extra effective than advertisement insurers, and met a marketplace call for headed by means of younger males who lacked possible choices to industry assurance, no longer older males who had an above-average possibility of ailment incapacity. Emery and Emery express that many younger males joined the unusual Fellows for ailment assurance and give up the society as soon as self-insurance - mark downs - or kinfolk assurance - secondary earning from older teenagers - made it possible for them. The older males, who valued the social merits of club and didn't want the unwell profit, progressively turned a majority and dismantled the IOOF's coverage provisions.

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The decline of its benefit dated from the 18905, well before the market stagnation of the 19208 (see chapter 3). Conversely, the benefit persisted into the 19505 in many jurisdictions (see chapter 7). Simply put, the I OOF'S sick benefit deteriorated in a long-term process that transcended the market conditions of any one decade. 19 Institutional History of the IOOF T H E lOOp's I N S T I T U T I O N A L H I S T O R Y Friendly societies originated in the industrial towns of Britain and came to North America with British emigrants.

Per cent of lodge brothers held the patriarchs militant degree, and between 14 and 18 per cent the Rebekah degree. 4, and then a declining trend. 1, the IOOF'S peak year for membership, it had twice the membership of the Knights of Pythias, the second largest friendly society. In 1921 it had seven times the membership of the Maccabees, the largest of the life insurance fraternal orders that offered an optional sick benefit. In 1915 the Freemasons had become the sole fraternal order to surpass the Odd Fellows in membership.

The I OOF'S grand master for Michigan responded that "any Roman Catholic may become an Odd Fellow ... 10 Our Canadian evidence fits Clawson's argument that Roman Catholics and Odd Fellows no longer mixed. 1). Evidence from our lodge case studies also finds a striking absence of Roman Catholic participation. The membership registers for two lodges in Ingersoll included only one Roman Catholic from the town's 1881 and 1901 census populations. 13 Judging by evidence for Toronto, they were unlikely to become Odd Fellows (Frager, 1992,).

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