A Dictionary of Urdu, Classical Hindi and English (1884 by John Thompson Platts

By John Thompson Platts

Munshiram rep. hb. most sensible to be had version, very legible printing, reliable binding. vintage reference paintings

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Stuck; aground. v. t. To aṭak. obstruct, hinder, impede, interrupt, stop, bar, prevent, check, restrain, keep back, detain; to H ‫ اﭤﮑﻨﺎ‬अटकना aṭaknā [aṭak˚ = Prk. fasten, join, attach, unite (in marriage); to put अट्टक्के(इ) or अट्टक्क(इ)=S. n. t. To keep back, To be stopped, prevented, restrained, kept back; withhold, detain; to put off, postpone:—aṭkāto be withheld, be irrecoverable, be unrealizable lenā, and -denā, intens. of aṭkānā. n. m. adhere; to be entangled, be in league or in Hindrance, prevention, &c.

Disease; the sound of a drum or tabor:—ātankbaiṭhānā, To establish (or inspire) fear or awe. S ‫ اﺗﻨﮓ‬उ ुंग uttung, adj. (f. -ā), Tall, high, lofty. v. H P ‫ اﺗﻮ‬उ ू uttū [S. m. t. g. t. m. ; to be disgraced, to lose repute or character, to fall into disrepute. S ‫ ﺁﺗﻤﻴﻪ‬आत्मीय ātmīya (and H. v. ātmiya), adj. m. (f. v. akin;—friend; kinsman; congener. H ‫ اﺗﻮار‬इतवार itwār [S. m. S ‫ اﺗﻦ‬अतनु atanu (and H. atan), Lit. Sunday. m. m. A rigid fast among the Hindūs. H ‫ اﺗﻨﺎ‬इतना itnā [S. इय ा, Pr.

H ‫ اﭤﺎ‬अटा aṭā [S. m. An upper room or story, apartment on the roof of a house; an attic. H ‫ اﺗﻴﺲ‬अतीस atīs [S. m. A very H ‫ اﭤﺎ‬अट्टा aṭṭā [S. m. Heap, pile, store. poisonous root used in medicine, Aconitum. 35 H ‫ ﺁﭤﺎ‬आटा āṭā [S. आिर्, Pr. अट्टं ; cf. P. m. t. :— āṭā-māṭī honā, To be utterly destroyed or ruined:—āṭā-meṅ nūn, Lit. '(as much) salt (as is put) in flour (to savour it)'; very little, a pinch, a particle, a soupçon:—āṭā honā or ho-jānā, To become powder or dust; to be ground or crushed to powder; to be worn out; to become worm-eaten, to be rotten, to crumble away.

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